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Computer AMC Services for Small/ Big Companies

Computer Service Hub offers an annual maintenance contract (AMC) for different services or products. AMC Computer is a contract in which we take care of your computer and its parts after the expiry of the warranty period. We provide professional on-site and remote support for networks and contracted service computers and solve potential problems with the best troubleshooting techniques. We strive to achieve this by focusing individually on each project and establishing a healthy relationship with our clients.

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Why Choose Us?

Most users never think about cleaning their PCs, and our customers do not, because we make sure all their machines are cleaned and properly configured according to a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule. Our computer maintenance service supports big items and small things, so your system stays in top shape with optimal productivity.

  Quick services

Looking for efficient and quick Computer AMC Service in Hyderabad at the best price? Computer Service Hub is the one-stop solution for your needs. We offer a comprehensive range of Laptop Repair and Upgrade Services within the scheduled time frame.

  Competitive prices

Competitive prices for quality Computer AMC services, our experienced Computer AMC technicians specialize in all makes and models of laptops and notebooks motherboard repair on component level.

 Guaranteed service

We do not compromise on quality so the quality of our service is guaranteed. Our highly qualified professional engineers are always doing research to find out the best solution for your computers.


Our team of experienced technicians and hardware engineers is capable of providing entire Computer AMC Solutions. We can repair and upgrade laptops with the latest software/ hardware advancements in the world of computers.

  Reliable services

Our quality and timely service have enabled us to garner a huge client base in the city including various residential users and business clients. Our laptop service experts can fix the problems fixed in less time than anyone else can do.