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Is your laptop facing overheating issue? We fix computer heating Problems of all laptop brands.

An overheating problem of a laptop needs to be resolved correctly and as soon as possible. Defective cooling fan, clogged air vent, dust in the internal processor, dusty hard drive, dying laptop batteries due to over charging, insufficient ventilation due to improper placement, etc.

We resolve all the laptop overheating issues with our experienced professionals to keep your laptop in better condition, away from all problems. We Support All Laptop Brands That Includes, Apple MacBook, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Sony VAIO, Etc.,

  •  Replace original parts
  •  Diagnose problems of computers
  •   warranty Services
  •  Quality Services
  •  Best Service Repair at Dorostep

Why Choose Us?


  Replace original parts

After diagnosing the laptop issue, If you want to replace any original parts, no need to worry, we replace original laptop parts with warranty and guaranty. We replace laptop parts if it required.

  Diagnose problems of computers

Computer service Hub helps you resolve all laptop problems by performing a thorough check of laptop starting with a series of diagnostic plans that will help you identify the problem of laptop overheating.

  warranty Services

We offer smart and easy access to competitive offers. You do not have to do paperwork, service request form, or negotiate with contractors. We have a simple maintenance process for self-help and repair of your laptops.

  Quality Services

We provide services in a comfortable, friendly environment for people who need help for their computer problems. You do not have to make appointments. If you need urgent help, stop in or visit our store directly.

 Quality Services

Computer service hub is the best service repair center in Hyderabad. We have expert laptop issues solving team so that we can provide quality services in the city.